Thank you for your interest in submitting to Life is Art Magazine! Because you are the artist and the art, we aim to give credit where it is due. We couldn’t help but notice several magazines are charging contributors to feature their work. We believe that without the contributors, there is no magazine. As a Thank you, we do not charge a submission fee or a feature fee. 

Send submissions to  https://kavyar.com/life-is-art


Articles, Poetry, Short Stories and Blogs must be loaded into a Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive etc… folder in PDF or Word Files. 


Any images (writer portrait or illustration(s) must be 300 pixels per inch resolution


Any images should include first and last name(s) of the photo team and social media handle(s). 

*IMPORTANT: DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK BEFORE SUBMITTING! L.I.A. will publish as submitted. L.I.A. is not responsible for any grammar or spelling errors in the published issue.


Writer Example:


 First, Last Name




NO WATERMARKS on images. 



You may provide a biography accompanied by your logo or photograph of you. Feel free to discuss the theme of your images, your work experience, what inspires you etc… 


See examples of our featured print and digital articles HERE

NOTE* Life is Art does not provide a free copy of the print magazine. L.I.A. will notify you if your submission is accepted prior to publication. You will be emailed with the link to the digital and print issue upon release. Submission cancelations or changes must be made a week prior to publication.