Thank you for your interest in submitting to Life is Art Magazine! We aim to give credit where it is due. We couldn’t help but notice several magazines are charging contributors to feature their work. We believe that without the contributors, there is no magazine. As a Thank you, we do not charge a submission fee or a feature fee. 

Send submissions to


For your client(s) to be considered for an interview, please include the following:

1. Include a minimum of a three paragraph biography with client(s) social media links in a PDF or Word File. 

2. A two to three paragraph statement from your client discussing any charities or movements he/she supports and how they are supporting that movement.

(Gay pride, Black Lives Matter, Gender Equality, The Environment, Animal Rights, etc....)

L.I.A prioritizes talent using their platforms to make the world a better place.

*IMPORTANT: DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WRITTEN STATEMENTS BEFORE SUBMITTING! L.I.A. will publish as submitted and is not responsible for any grammar or spelling errors in the published issue.


3. 4 to 6 PROFESSIONAL images of your client.

(See our Pinterest moodboard below)

Images must be 300 pixels per inch resolution! NO SELFIES OR CELL PHONE IMAGES. Include the photographer(s) name(s) and social media handle(s).

4. Clients with 10k+ followers are preferred for article features. For Front Cover consideration, clients that are IG Verified with 100k+ plus followers will have priority consideration.

Once we review your pitch, we will either respond with further interview questions for your client(s) or recommend double checking our submission guidelines. 

NOTE* Life is Art does not provide a free copy of the print magazine but will provide digital tear-sheets. L.I.A. will notify you if your submission is accepted prior to publication. You will be emailed with the link to the digital and print issue upon release. Submission cancelations or changes must be made a week prior to publication.