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A Narrative Statement From The Venezuelan Badass

As a natural hard worker I wanted to build something from scratch and experience the whole process. I challenged myself and did, with Maria Elisa Ticali, a project named “Sé Parte” (Belong). In this particular project we focused on helping people to become more socially aware and caring towards their community. We had the philosophy that if you do not treat human beings as humans, this mistreatment will have various negative effects in society. To see improvements in society, we should attack the main problem: Mistreatment and abuse inside families and schools will have long term effects on children and as a consequence it will cause side effects in society.

Photographer Jaan Kristijan Utno @jku_utno

This project was recognized in our university as one of the best community services projects ever made at The UNIV International Congress in 2014. Now I want to create films that can have a positive impact on the world. I want to do movies inspired by personal journeys and with profound messages.

I combined my new found passion for film with my second passion, rock climbing. I already had years of climbing experience and I had noticed that in Venezuela this sport was not seen as feminine by most women in the country. My goal was to express the point of view of a selected group of Venezuelan rock climbing women. The co-director Veronica Contreras and I presented this film and proudly won the 1st Place at the Ascenso’s Festival, the biggest Adventure Filmmaking Contest in the country. I wont let my passion be limited by my country’s situation and I will give the best of me to make my dream come true.

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