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UT Adventure Tours

UTadventure tours are organized by Dmitriy Lavrentyev and Dasha U. Dmitriy is a talented designer with a passion for outdoors and all things art. Dasha is a professional international fashion and art model. Together they founded UTadventure and organize the teams and tours through Utah and Mexico. They are PASSIONATE about art and meaningful experiences while forming creative connections. For more on UTadventure, follow @utadventure and @dashauofficial on Instagram.

As a team, the founders Dmitriy and Dasha put together epic photographic journeys to breathtaking locations in either Utah or Mexico. Every year they bring together photographers and a series of professional art models. The art models are cast and paired into creative teams as the tour unfolds. UTadventure Tours is no ordinary photography workshop. It is a series of six day photographic journey, encompassing nine breathtaking locations and providing photographers with the opportunity to create images with three professional fine art models. It is a photography vacation! UTadventure Tours is devoted to providing a creative and memorable EXPERIENCE that resonates into the images. Giving photographers the most stunning results. The UTadventure team takes pride in creating lifelong friendships by taking their participants away from the routine and into pristine natural landscapes where they can truly feel inspired.

Tell us about its birth. What was its inspiration? The main inspiration behind UTadventure tours was the abundance of breathtaking nature all around us here in Utah. We wanted to combine our love for travel with a dream of bringing together like minded artists to create an epic photography event. We like to joke about being an “anti workshop” - an environment where people can create freely without boundaries, focusing on their art while indulging in one of a kind, world class experience. Thus in 2015 the very UTadventure tour hit the dusty back roads in Southern Utah! How did you find such exotic locations? Each years we spend weeks scouting the badlands of S.Utah and the quaint colonial villages of Yucatan peninsula, studying guide books, scouring the Internet, and connecting with the robust network of local contacts. Every tour season brings a handful of new exciting locations to keep the inspiration flowing and provide new photographic opportunities. Where do you find your tribe? Do they submit to a casting call or is it referral only? Our tribe finds us! At this point our reputation for quality in a fine art photography community is well established. We are blessed to have countless photographers and models flocking to our events every year. Our UTadventure family is always expanding!

Do the models have to meet certain standards such as sizes and height? We are very selective about our models but it is never about their measurements. Rather, the quality of their work, their personality, professionalism and enthusiasm for what we do. When selecting your tours, how do you pair your models? We like to offer our photographers some variety while being cogniscent of each models esthetic and style complimenting one another. What does it take to be an art model? What is the biggest challenge and how can one learn to become comfortable in their own skin? In our opinion, number one factor to be a great art model is the desire to create. Actually, feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin is often the biggest ongoing challenge for so many models in this industry. Learning to work through that for the sake of creating amazing art is what sets the best models apart. What advice would you have to aspiring models who are considering fine art? There so much we could say! Fine art modeling is a profession and it is important to treat it as such. Focus on establishing a solid reputation for being responsible, punctual, and reliable. Always work on sharpening your skills and never stop learning. Networking with other models is essential to your growth.

What advice do you have for photographers who are considering fine art? Work with professional models. You will be shocked how much the quality and impact of your work will improve by making that one change. Fine art models are artists and fine art photography is an artistic collaboration. How can photographers build that credible relationship and portfolio with the fine art community? See above! When pitching concepts to models, what are the do’s and don’ts photographers should consider? Learn the models’ boundaries and adhere to them! Be open and seek the model’s input. Both the process and the results are always better when she is fully on board! Tell us about the tour. How does it work? Travel, Food, etc... Wow, that’s more information that we have space for here! If you want a longform detailed description, we wrote this awesome blog post on our website: http://utadventure.com/what-it-s-like-to-tour-with-us

What was one of the most memorable experiences while touring? There were soooo many! One that comes to mind is closing down a central town square in front of a historic colonial chapel for a fine art nude shoot at sunset on the Day of the Dead during our first UTadventure in Mexico! People down there are still talking about that time when UTadventure came to town! How long does it take to prepare for a tour? What goes into planning and preventing anything like safety issues from happening? We organize a dozen or so tours each year. So preparation is ongoing year round! We pre-run each tour beforehand making sure the locations, accommodations and tour vehicles are in a perfect condition to ensure a smooth experience and avoid any surprises. Is UTadventure considering expanding its tours to more places? What would be the next place to consider touring through? Because it’s important for us to provide a world class experience, it takes us a couple of years to develop a new tour destination. We currently on the verge of launching a new series of tours in a epic exotic location. Stay tuned! :) What would you like to say to those who are trying to understand how to photograph tasteful art? Any guidelines? Rules? Art has no rules but one: be honest in your self expression! As far as guidelines, make sure it has meaning. Everyone has different taste, and “tasteful” is always subjective.

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