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Katharina Boger "Want Me Back"

"My little Angel loves people. I like to get to know new people, am very touchy and like to share energy with them. But there’s also my little Devil who hates it when people try to set limits and tell me something is impossible. I believe in a Never-Give-Up and Fight-For-Your-Goals attitude."

Photography by: Ingo Hopp @ingohopp

What first got you interested in music? Ever since I can remember I have loved music. I already loved singing and performing in front of my parents when I was a young kid. At school, I took part in the choir and after graduating from University, I realized that singing is all I want to do. I developed my skills by taking vocal, piano, music theory, etc. lessons. It proved to be so useful because now I am certain I am so in love with music and the creative things I can do with it. Any musicians who inspire you? I’m inspired by a lot of artists, who have connections with a larger audience. In my opinion, art also means to inspire and bring joy to people. I love artists who are able to entertain, by actually singing on stage, and are able to influence people to pursue their passion. How would you describe your music? My music is very much urban pop with some trap beats. In my new songs, you will get a little bit of a Rock n’ Roll vibes too. Mostly my lyrics deal with women-empowerment and with my angelic- devilish way of life. ‘Cause I’m very Dangel."

What is the creative process like? Almost everyday I get ideas for a hook, some phrases, or just for a nice melody. I save everything that comes into my mind on my phone. When I’m in the studio, my producer and I always start playing around with some ideas for a new beat. We discuss what kind of vibe I feel for my new song, and I check my notes for what could fit best. Any collaborations you would like to do? Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Sean Paul. What message(s) do you want to give to your fans? In the broadest sense, all my upcoming songs will deal with an “Angels & Devils” theme. Some of my songs will show my sensitive, cute angelic side, but in other songs, I’m going to be showing that fighting, sassy little devil, that drives me to achieve my goals. I think listeners will resonate with it because we each struggle with the “Angel” and “Devil” within ourselves. Many people try to be decent human beings and want to help one another, but we also end up in crazy situations that enable us to respond differently. I also want to empower women! Girls, be strong, do everything you wanna do, and live your life to the fullest! If men can do it, so can we! What advice do you have for aspiring musicians? Any red flags to look out for? First of all never give up!!! If you love what you do and it feels right to you. Trust yourself and find ways to pursue your passion in the best possible way. Be open to listening to people who are experienced in the music business. Keep your eyes open for new opportunties. What are some of your favorite venues to perform? Disney World (Magic Kingdom), Grammy’s, Oscar’s, Super Bowl, Time Square... How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music industry? The Internet has impacted the music industry in a huge way. As an artist you’re selling way less music but because of streaming platforms. However, indie artists are also able to expose their music to the same number of people as successful artists. Touring also has a much higher importance in the music industry. But if you’re creative and use new tools and resources, it’s easier to rise from newcomer to a well known artist. What are some of the biggest lessons you learned in your career? If you trust yourself, believe in the things you’re doing, work your a... off, nothing is impossible. Never stop hustling! Any side passions? Charity or Causes? I’m a foody. For the last years and currently I’m living, breathing and thinking just music. But one day I wanna find my own charity project where I can realize all of the ideas I have in mind. Favorite song to perform? Why? I love to perform in general. When you are on stage it’s about the feeling and the energy you give to your fans and get back. It’s almost impossible to decide only for one song because each and every song means something special to me. What would you be doing if you were not a musician? I think I would be reborn to become a musician. Closing thoughts or life quotes to live by? Stay true to yourself. You gotta know yourself best. Because if you know yourself, nobody can get you out of your own way and tell you what is right or wrong. So people will connect with you most because you stay real.