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Exclusive Interview with Isabela Valotti

Photos by Conrad Dusley | @conraddusley

What is it about art that drives you?

It is a way to cheat my thinking mind of taking over control and trying to "figure things out." Often times a painting will pour out what is going on in my soul before I am even able to acknowledge it. It's not until I'm far removed, years later sometimes, that I'm able to look at it and see what the painting was trying to tell me. So basically, it is a way to shut my brain up to let my soul speak freely.

What would you say is your "art genre"?

I believe it changes. I've used many different styles. I'd say a recurring theme is fantasy. I mix things that don't go together. I mix different painting techniques, as well elements that don't belong together all on the same canvas.

Do you have any previous education or are you self taught?

Self taught.

What other artists inspire you?

I love two contemporary artists: Scott Iris, oil, finger painting. Alexa Meade, Acrylic.

What are your goals for your artwork?

To speak to ones soul. It is not meant to be intellectualized. Just felt and experienced, which is the reason why I don't name most my paintings.

Do you have any other passions or projects you are working on? If so please tell us about them.

I just finished a short film that I wrote, produced and starred in. A project that is very close to my heart and I am very proud of. I had a chance to collaborate with incredible artists in every segment of this movie. The love put into it comes across. It is in film festivals now, so it should be released to the public in about a year. It's called "Ladybug."It is based on my life story. A little teaser: Olivia, the lead character, is an artist as well, and the poster of the movie is a finger painting artwork I made myself.

We understand you are from Brazil?

Yes I am! Sao Paulo to be specific.

@isavalotti Etsy: Trippy The Tiger www.isabelavalotti.com

What is the biggest difference between America and Brazil you have experienced?

I'm going to speak about Los Angeles specifically. I believe LA to be a place of it's own. It doesn't really speak for the rest of America because Los Angeles is a place full of artists. It is so easy to meet people and create all kinds of projects using any form of art. You can go to Trader Joe's for a bag of chips and come out with a writing partner. You also don't get the regular condescending reaction for being a "starving artist." If you are not a dreamer or a creative soul in LA, you will be surrounded by us regardless. In that sense it is a very free and creative environment.

If you could teach the next generation of artists one thing, what would it be?

Nothing. I don't believe art is about adding anything. It is about pealing off the layers to find what is in your core. Your own voice.

Are you developing a series or do you do one project at a time?

One project at a time, if they are connected it just means I'm in the same movement internally.

What are your favorite materials to use in your work?

Acrylic on canvas. Fingers, brushes, Floetrol.

We understand you teach art. Do you intend to continue teaching or be an artist full time?

Absolutely! I believe you can only truly learn something when you are helping someone else in their journey. I have recently red this beautiful little book from Simon Sinek, "together is better." He articulated my beliefs beautifully. Life is about the people we meet, that we actually share small things with regularly. Kids, specifically can teach you so much about being present and free. Especially when they are on the stage before they develop full social awareness that people are watching them. Children don't care because they are willing to experiment with self expression.

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