to Joshua Tree National Park

Twentynine Palms, CA

Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing America’s national parks today. Acorrding to the National Park Service, the warming earth has become a threat to certain species. These species include the desert tortoise, bighorn sheep and the Joshua Tree itself are quickly becoming at risk. National Geographic states that by 2100, Joshua Tree National Park will lose almost all of its Joshua tree habitat due to climate change. As the climate becomes hotter the environment will experience more frequent and harsher droughts and wildfires, affecting the populations and home ranges of many species at Joshua Tree.

This heavenly desert already has unforgiving heat. But as global warming increases, many species will need to shift to higher and higher elevations affecting how species interact with each other. For example, the Joshua Tree relies and the yucca moths rely on each as an example of co-evolution. Scientists are now finding that there are some areas where the heat is too intense that not even the Joshua Tree is able to survive it. Without the trees, the moths are sure to be one of the many species facing possible extinction.

With more than 2.5 million visitors annually, here are some ways to help lower the carbon footprint at Joshua Tree. Drive hybrid or electric vehicles, recycling appropriately, drinking out of refillable bottles, do not destroy any plants or mark the trees and “no idling” with the vehicle on. If you decide to stop, please turn the vehicle off completely. Learn more about Joshua Tree at and escape to this magical place while you still can.

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A Narrative Statement From The Venezuelan Badass

As a natural hard worker I wanted to build something from scratch and experience the whole process. I challenged myself and did, with Maria Elisa Ticali, a project named “Sé Parte” (Belong). In this particular project we focused on helping people to become more socially aware and caring towards their community. We had the philosophy that if you do not treat human beings as humans, this mistreatment will have various negative effects in society. To see improvements in society, we should attack the main problem: Mistreatment and abuse inside families and schools will have long term effects on children and as a consequence it will cause side effects in society.

Photographer Jaan Kristijan Utno @jku_utno

This project was recognized in our university as one of the best community services projects ever made at The UNIV International Congress in 2014. Now I want to create films that can have a positive impact on the world. I want to do movies inspired by personal journeys and with profound messages.

I combined my new found passion for film with my second passion, rock climbing. I already had years of climbing experience and I had noticed that in Venezuela this sport was not seen as feminine by most women in the country. My goal was to express the point of view of a selected group of Venezuelan rock climbing women. The co-director Veronica Contreras and I presented this film and proudly won the 1st Place at the Ascenso’s Festival, the biggest Adventure Filmmaking Contest in the country. I wont let my passion be limited by my country’s situation and I will give the best of me to make my dream come true.

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Tara George Explains Why Being a Plus is a Plus!

Photography By: Scott Sapp

I AM NOT A MODEL. Thats what I used to think. I never thought I would be considered one, because I have always been too curvy. I would look at girls on the runway thinking none of them looked anything like me. No one believes your a model unless your super skinny and really pretty. So I just didn’t think I was enough and focused on music and acting.

After years of hard work and hustle, I am finally a SAG-AFTRA actor and have music out on all streaming services. My two singles “Not Alone” and “No More” you can download on iTunes. I will be releasing a new single in August. All of this is amazing but I still have that voice inside me saying, “I am not a model. I am not a model.”

Now, times are changing. Curvy women are being idolized and even walking the runway! Tyra banks came out of retirement and new brands like third love give survey women a platform to step on that runway and feel confident about their bodies. I see these amazing curvy ethnic women posing for Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Elle and more. Women like me are FINALLY getting acknowledgment where being a plus is a plus!

I love taking pictures, so I started working with photographers. Bit by bit I am realizing that I am doing what I always used to do in front of the mirror, but now getting paid for it. I feel like I can actually tell myself that I am a model!

I started shooting anything from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and more. Thanks to social media and the voices of all the women out there who share the same struggles, I can feel confident about my body. I am steadily growing my following and booking more and more work.

The advice I have with any dream is if you work hard enough you can make that dream a reality. Even if the world doesn't accept you, it is only a matter of time until it does. If we keep using our voices, we can redefine beauty entirely. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

We still have a long way to go. There will always be someone telling you to change things about yourself. There will always be pressure, rejection and times when you feel like nothing is working. Remember this, all of that is part of the journey! Don’t give up!

Tell yourself that there is no better model than being a role model. So in conclusion, I am a model!

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