Introducing singersongwriter Lee Burgos who came to prominence after releasing 'Feel So Lost' ( single) in 2015. Hailing from Dominican Republic and raised in NYC, Lee's influences range from various cultural backgrounds and legends such as: Aretha Franklin, Camilo Sesto, Laura Pausini and Lauryn Hill, to name a few. In 2019, Lee released a critically acclaimed debut compilation album, Lee Burgos Unplugged, which garnered high praise as she paid homage to the late Juan Gabriel and Celia Cruz. Lee headlined her own sold-out concert titled, The Lee Burgos Experience. Following is the release of "Travesura", which premiered on The Beast Billboard in Times Square.

Photography: Valentino Caviar (@valentinocaviar)

MUA: Vicky Garcia (@vickygmakeup)

Hair Stylist: Alexandra DiRoma (@alexandradiromahairmua)

Wardrobe Stylist: Miss Hollywood (@paisleysluxeboutique)

Wardrobe Provided by Paisleys Luxe Boutique (@paisleysluxeboutique)

Location: Chateau Bestow 10 (@chateaubestow10)

1. How did you get into the music industry?

It just kind of happened on its own; Destiny! Jaja, I’ve always loved singing, so I joined my church choir where I was surrounded by talented musicians and singers. Later on they asked me to join the tour for a known artist at that time. I said yes and the rest is history! Well on Google, too.

2. What is the biggest message you would like to send to your listeners through your music?

I want my “LuvLee’s” to feel. I want for them to let me take them through a rollercoaster of emotions and provide them with an experience of the stories behind each song.

3. Dream Duet(s)?

Oh my, yes! Yes! And yes! I’m dying to COLLAB with Nathy Peluso, Yendry, Residente, Khalid, and so many more.

4. Could you tell us about what inspired your single "Feel So Lost"?

A moment in my life where life was tough. I let the love of my life slip away, or so I thought he was back then!

5. Any charities or movements you are passionate about?

I looooove working with children, they are the voices of the future. I love working with organizations that support children worldwide and work with them to empower and inspire and provide them with the needed resources. I’m currently an ambassador for Latinas y Lideres who provide feminine items along with school supplies and more to young women in the Dominican Republic.

6. What was it like to see yourself on a billboard in Times Square?

It was a dream come true. My gosh, I still remember that feeling, it was unbelievable, exciting, nostalgic. Nostalgic, because I used to walk by those same streets everyday on my way to work, and always looking up and dreaming that one day I’ll be in one of those big billboards.

7. Any new projects you are working on?

I’m always working on something, I don’t stop! Album coming up, collaborations, a 2022 tour and so much more. Uffff I can’t wait!

8. How can aspiring musicians stay motivated in such a competitive industry?

Authenticity is key. Staying true to yourself for the world to see is refreshing. There is so much of the same out there, that people want to feel relatable to you, and what better way than just being yourself. That’s what makes the difference!

9. Any memorable live performances you can share?

Yes!!!!! Right now, the one that came to mind was when I opened Grammy winning Colombian artist, Manuel Medrano, what a night! Got to meet him, what a being! He was so lovely.

10. Life advice you would give to your past self?

Don’t be afraid, just go for it!

David Christopher is an actor, reality tv star, turned celebrity fitness trainer, and founder of Fit Tv Network. David is best known for his intense fitness repertoire, and many appearances on reality TV shows such as, David Spade's "Fameless" and "Steve Austin's broken Skull Challenge" on CMT.

Photography by Matthew Upton @mupd.jpg

Health advice and training you recommend? I am a big advocate for an active lifestyle with a consistent exercise routine and healthy eating habits, as this is essential in aiding to the longevity of the body's performance and over all quality of life. I recommend avoiding processed foods, added sugars, fried foods, trans fats and foods that can spike your blood sugar, like certain breads, dried fruits and whole milk, to name a few. For a well rounded training regimen I like to combine strength training with the cardio. I utilize more explosive movements, plyometrics and resistance training to get more out of a workout. Area's of the body that are fundamental to focus on when training include, a strong core, back and legs. A strong core helps with posture and prevents you from compensating with your back. A strong back supports your upper body and your legs are essentially, the body's foundation. Some primary exercises for building these muscle groups are deadlifts, squats, lunges , Pushing movements (pushups, dips, and presses), Pulling movements (rows and pull-ups)

Vitamins or Supplements to watch out for versus one's that are effective and safe? With so many brands out there advertising to be the "healthiest " and "best" products on the market today, its hard to know who's telling the truth. Try to avoid any supplements that have any artificial ingredients, sweeteners, GMOs or large amounts of sugar per serving. Some common ingredients found in many popular products that we should try to avoid is sodium benzoate, acesulfame, aspartame and sucralose. These ingredients are found to be carcinogens in the body. Some natural and very beneficial supplements that I recommend are ginger, turmeric, zinc, magnesium, b12, Vitamin D and coconut.

We also think it would be interesting to learn about how the fitness industry works for aspiring trainers. How doe's one book clients? I think there's no better time to be in the fitness industry. There's so many options that offer different styles of gyms, online training, health and wellness knowledge. So many people are becoming more conscious about how they are treating their bodies. That being said, there is a lot of competition out there as well. So, if you are a trainer in a local gym or online, you need to really educate yourself and provide the best knowledge to truly help those that need it. Follow that with understanding how to market yourself in a way that highlights your specific niche as a trainer. You have to really hustle, but if you execute on these principles, your work will speak for itself and the word will spread. It takes some time but if you're honest in your efforts, you will see results. We live in a time where we have so much access to people and so many outlets to help us market ourselves, so be creative!

Instagram @david_christopher_official

Any Do's and Don'ts clients need to know before booking a trainer? Know what you're looking for. Narrow down what you want to achieve with your fitness goals and this will help save time and money in weaving through dozens of trainers and programs. If you are not sure what you want to achieve exactly, reach out to a few different trainers for some helpful advice. Most of the time a trainer will likely be open to providing some helpful information in hopes that you would like to train with them. You will also get a vibe of that trainer and their style, which is also very important when choosing the "right" trainer. Choosing a trainer is like being able to choose a new friend, so they should be someone who is compatible with you like a friend would be. a Do your research. Make sure the trainer is qualified with enough experience to safely and effectively help you with your needs.

And of course anything you want to share about your fitness story and what it is like training celebrities. So many people say "fitness is a lifestyle ", but it truly is for me. I played sports growing up as a kid. So an active lifestyle was always a part of my life. By the time I was 14yrs old I started going to the gym to better myself as an athlete. At first, it was about lifting weights and trying to better myself as an athlete for the sports I was playing at the time. Eventually, going to the gym evolved into more of a release and an escape for me. It became an addiction ha... It's very therapeutic and helps keep me grounded and feeling better over all. I have been fortunate enough to experience many of my dreams through fitness, with a lot of hard work. I have competed on television as an athlete, recieved support from some of my favorite brands in the industry and have had the privilege to work with high profile, influential people. As a result, I have started my own streaming fitness platform "Fit Tv Network". The platform provides a unique catalog of shows centered on health and wellness. Hosting series like "Spotlight" and "Angel City Heroes," Fit TV Network features celebrities and prominent names in the fitness industry sharing their stories and uplifting one another. I am truly grateful and look forward to helping more people along the way in their own fitness journey.

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Paulina Taranek is a graduate of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland. She creates paintings, drawings by mixing both techniques. Paulina Taranek received the Erasmus Scholarship Antwerp in 2011 and 2012. She also took a part in Second International Artistic Symposium Szymbark in 2013. Paulina is featured by Artist Portfolio Magazine (USA, California) and takes part in art & fashion projects, cooperated with the Asphodelatelier fashion brand.

Artist Statement:

The "Cityscapes” cycle presents a cityscape in a modern way, presented without photographic accuracy, perhaps exaggerated, saturated colors of the night as well as the light of lights. The city is always an up-to-date topic in art grateful material for transformation and as a living organism undergoing continuous transformations in the space of time inspires me especially. His industrial character, dynamics, play of lights creating a kind of theater, giving the field of creative imagination and evoking the need for sensory image saving. A range of reflections colors, streaks, chiaroscuro found in modern architecture and steel, concrete and glass become the scene for multi-colored patches, transparencies and textures transferred to canvas, for spontaneous brush strokes that form in understandable whole. Images are designed to saturate the eyes and make the viewer more a careful analysis of the surrounding reality.

Smog and greenhouse effect is a significant ecological problem in Poland as well as in global range. As an artist, I create art inspired by urban spaces, unfortunately one of the issues that is unrelated to them, especially in recent years is the problem of air pollution. It is difficult to pass this theme indifferently, because every day we feel its effects on our own skin. A city that is a product of civilization, a space in which we live, begins to turn against us. We breathe in polluted air which is harmful and doubtless it will have serious consequences in the future not only for us, but also for future generations. In the concept of my artwork, I address the problem of global warming, high air pollution in cities.

Multiplicity of my works is a result of inspiration of a fascinating world and unlimited ideas. Artworks are a unique combination of oil painting techniques and drawing possibilities which finally makes paintings unusual in their character. Paintings between expressive and impressionistic convention, are connected with traditional terms which makes a new fusion language of creation. Very special is a series with human being, showed with his advantages and disadvantages. Not only by the visual way but also in mental assessment. Behind every human stands a story – experiences, memories, habits, character and emotions. People express themselves by the look, fashion, attributes, gesture, which are showed in a very right moment and sometimes in humorous way. Human’s nature, as never ending spring of inspirations, thrills me in all her aspects.


IV. 2019 – Paulina Taranek Painting, Galeria pod Arkadami, Częstochowa

II-III.2019 - Big City Light, City Art Gallery BWA w Czestochowie

X.-28.XI.2018- Exhibition in Galeria Dobrej Sztuki “Wejściówka”(Muzeum Częstochowskie, OPK Gaude Mater, siedziba Gazety Wyborczejw Częstochowie, “Skrzynka”), Częstochowa

2018 – Cityscapes , Żywa Gallery Stalowa 52, Warsaw

2016 – Explication , Pod Baranami Gallery, Pod Baranami Palace, Kraków

2013 –Perspektywy, Wanilia i Pieprz Gallery, Kraków

2013 –Naturalnie nienaturalnie, Tori Gallery, Częstochowa

2003 – "Young Gallery", Branch No. 8 of the Public Library. dr. W. Biegański in Częstochowa


X. 2019 – San Diego Art Fair, San Diego, USA

VII/VIII. 2019 - Poland & Japan, EMP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

V.2019 – Stop! Smog, 11th European Economic Congress, Katowice

V.2019 – International Art Fair Vancouver, Canada

IV.2019– Japan & Poland, exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of establishing

diplomatic relations, Embassy of Japan, Warsaw

IV.2019– Stop! Smog, Dom Polski South in Brussels, Belgium

2019 – Exhibition Stop! Smog: – Ustroń as part of the Conference ”Fighting smog in rural and spa areas„- Jan Długosz University of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Częstochowa, lecture of Jerzy Buzek” Will we fight smog? Will we protect the climate? Energy transformation of Poland and Europe „- Zabrze, II International Scientific Congress” Sustainable Development – Perspectives for the future „- Częstochowa Museum – Good Art Gallery – Gliwice -”What do we breathe? Seminar and exhibition Stop! Smog”

Participation as an Artist in Art FreshFestival Hotel Sheraton, Warszawa, 2015

2014 – Final exhibition of Dzieło Plastyczne Competition, 4 Ściany Gallery, WKiRDS, ASP


2014 –G. J. Steenke, Community Center Gallery Spichrzów Island, Elbląg

2014 –Autenticost v umeni ?, Univerzum PF UKF Gallery, Nitra, Slovakia

2014 –Polemiki artystyczne, Nowy Sącz Museum

2014 –Autentyczność w sztuce ?, Promotion Gallery Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków

XI-XII. 2013 – Autentyczność w sztuce ?, Szymbark 2013

2012 – plein air exhibition Zator 2012, Szklana Gallery, Zator.

2010 – plein air exhibition Harenda 2010, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.