What Is It?

Has your brand been published as an editorial in a magazine, but never as a campaign due to overpriced ad space? 


How is it fair that entrepreneurs are charged a range of $1,000-$10,000 for just ONE PAGE in ONE ISSUE  that lasts only ONE MONTH? 

The average consumer has to see a product approximately SEVEN times before considering purchasing it. We feel that the "one time method" is taking advantage of a brand's ability to truly profit.


So Life is Art Magazine is trying a new approach!

We believe that your investment should be worth what it costs, and should be shown for the time duration it deserves.


That is why we only charge $50.00 for ONE FULL PAGE for not just one issue, BUT FOUR! 


Life is Art magazine is a seasonal magazine, which means your ad will last the duration of ONE FULL YEAR!


One full year is plenty of time to share your product(s) with our growing audience that has a demographic of 52% Women and 48% men ranging from ages 18-44 years old. 


As a thank you for your time, we've provided you with preview of our latest issue featuring brands who have aditorial features with our magazine. Take a look to see what your campaign could look like! and


If you would like to submit your ad, please email your content to 


Follow the Submission Guidelines Below:

Attachments Must Include:

Brand logo

Product image(s) in 8x5x11 or 17x11 300dpi

Product name(s)

Product price(s) 

Brand website




No water marks.

High Resolution 8.5 x 11 or 17x11 300 dpi)

Maximum Space Per Aditorial is 2 Pages Per Issue



NOTE: Aditorials must meet the magazine's theme and genre in order to be considered for publication. Please visit  


You will be notified within 15 days of submitting your ad if it is approved for publication. Submissions are absolutely FREE! ​

NOTE* Life is Art does not provide a free copy of the magazine. But will notify you if your submission is accepted prior to publication. You will be emailed with the link to the digital and print issue upon release.



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